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The time and talents contributed by our volunteers help PATV remain a thriving organization. In addition, if you volunteer at PATV for a total of 5 hours, your $50 annual membership fee can be waived.

Types of Volunteers


Studio Volunteers will serve as camera operators and directors for shows made by PATV producers. Our producers are all average citizens who use PATV as a way to communicate a message through video media. If needed, we will provide you with training on how to use equipment properly. We suggest that volunteers for this project make a three month commitment with one or more 1-2 hour shifts per week (times are flexible).


Do you enjoy getting out and about and exploring what’s going on in Iowa City? Consider being an About-Town Camera Operator! Your responsibility would be to capture footage from various events around Iowa City for PATV to edit into shows like “We Are Iowa City”. You would be credited as a camera operator in every episode you contribute to. If needed, you will receive training on how to use cameras and other relevant equipment properly. We suggest that volunteers for this project make a three month commitment with one or more 1-2 hours shift per week (times are flexible).


PATV offers several workshops each month that show students at varying skill levels how to use cameras, edit footage, and operate our green screen studio. If you are well versed in an area related to television or media, consider teaching a class at PATV. Examples of potential topics could include Photoshop, stop-motion animation, or screenwriting. We offer all of our classes once a month, and they typically last between one and two hours depending on the complexity of the skill they teach. We welcome any length of commitment, however, we encourage you to offer your class more than once to provide multiple opportunities for prospective participants.


If you would like to make a commitment to volunteer for PATV fundraisers, outreach activities, maintenance projects, or special events on a regular basis, consider becoming an ongoing volunteer. We suggest that ongoing volunteers make a three month commitment to volunteer for at least two events or projects per month. The varying dates, times, and objectives of our events would offer you flexibility and variety.


If you want to volunteer for PATV, but don’t want to make an ongoing commitment, consider becoming a one-time event volunteer. You can discover and sign up for volunteer opportunities by visiting our SignUpGenius page.

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